Engineering Pathways Integrated Curriculum (EPIC)


EPIC is a college preparatory STEM academy which will arm students to enter post-secondary
education qualified for a major in many areas.

All EPIC freshmen will take EPIC Career Prep. In this course, students will learn basic computer skills necessary for success in their core classes. They will also explore the 3 EPIC pathways to determine which area best fits with their career interests. 

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Biomedical Studies

EPIC Career Prep

Honors Human Anatomy

AP Psychology, AP Human Geography or AP Computer Science

AP Biology or AP Chemistry & AP Calculus

Computer Science

EPIC Career Prep

Software Development

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Computer Science A
AP Calculus


EPIC Career Prep

Engineering 101

AP Environmental Science or AP Computer Science

AP Physics

AP Calculus



EPIC Major & EPIC Minor


All EPIC students are recognized on the graduation program and have the EPIC endorsement seal on their diploma.

In addition, EPIC Majors will receive their EPIC sash at the Honors Day program to be worn during the graduation ceremony. 


EPIC Minors complete the honors (or AP) level core curriculum through Honors Physics and at least Honors Pre-Calculus in addition to their EPIC pathway requirements. 


EPIC Majors complete the honors (or AP) level core curriculum through AP Calculus and the AP pairing for their pathway in addition to their EPIC pathway requirements. 

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Brandon Rice

Why Should Students Choose The Epic Academy Option?

Mission Statement

The administration and faculty at W. P. Davidson High School are determined to prepare students for a future of opportunities. The Engineering Pathways Integrated Curriculum (EPIC) will equip students with the  knowledge and analytical thinking skills needed to succeed globally in any math or science field , including a degree in engineering, pre-medicine, and computer science.

Program Goals

  •  To offer students an opportunity to explore careers specifically in the field of Engineering, Biomedical, and Computer Science.
  • To offer a strong math & science scope and sequence for all students, with a specific Pathway for EPIC students to prepare them for college math/science majors.
  • To provide options to students to insure that EPIC offers a valuable instructional experience to enrich students at all levels.
  • To serve the community by preparing graduates striving for math/science excellence.
  • To utilize community resources to insure a full and well-rounded experience for EPIC students, including a career component.

EPIC Students

  • The program began in 2004 with only 16 students. Many of those students have now graduated college with engineering degrees.
  • Nearly one-third of Davidson's students are participating in one of the EPIC pathways.
  • The average ACT score for EPIC students is a 28.


All Mobile County students are eligible to participate in the EPIC program. Entrance is contingent on an application process. The students' applications will be reviewed by the EPIC committee and the student will be notified of their acceptance status.

  • The application will be available on 
  • If you want to apply for IB and EPIC, you should select the button that says Both.
  • If you have any problems with the online application email Mrs. Martin at

The best way to know if Davidson is right for you is

1.  Attend 8th Grade Preview Day (date will be announced soon) in the Lewis Copeland Auditorium.

2. "Shadow" Shadowing takes place on a regular school day and the student attends Davidson classes just as if they were a DHS student.