Faculty & Staff

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Richardson, Jason

Administrative Staff

Bearden, Johnathan
Assistant Principal
Blakely, Robert
Assistant Principal
Cleveland, Lynn
Assistant Principal / Curriculum
Tolbert, Jeffrey
Assistant Principal

Guidance Dept

Fields, Jennifer
10th / 11th Grade Counselor
Franklin, Leslie
12th Grade Counselor
Holman, Cassandra
9th Grade Counselor

Support Staff

Bookkeeper, Davidson
Martin, Arlene
Front Office Clerk
Scott, Lakeisha
Front Office / Discipline
Tillman, Amanda
Urnis, Renee
Front Office / Registrar

Para Professionals

Crawford, Joseph
Sanders, Zella

Teaching Staff

Agee, Christopher
Social Studies Teacher/ Varsity Tennis
Barbosa, Julie
English Teacher
Baxter, Rachel
Culinary Instructor
Beattie, Timothy
Band Director
Black, Helen
Special Education Teacher
Bondora, Tony
Chemistry Teacher
Braughton, Audra
Special Education Teacher
Brewer, Phillip
Science Teacher
Brown, Tiffany
Mother of Exiles/ESL Teacher
Calloway, Madison
Science Teacher
Cauley, Ashley
Teacher / IB
Cauley, Ricky
Physical Education Teacher
Clausell, Blaine
Social Studies Teacher/Football Coach
Clough, Elizabeth
Computer Science Teacher
Cowan, Michelle
Honors English 9 teacher
Daigle, Kenneth
Career Technical Instructor
Daniel, Thomas
Senior Naval Science Instructor
DeLange, Arnold
Math Teacher
Denney, Chris
Social Studies Teacher
DeVargas, Charlene
Geometry, Algebraic Connections, & Algebra 2
Diaz-Acosta, Jose
Science Teacher
Dollison, Richard
Social Studies Teacher
Duke, Brian
Social Studies Teacher
Duke, James
Math Teacher
Dussouy, Angela
Dance Educator
Edmonds, William
Foreign Language / French
Eubanks, Kelly
Physical Education Teacher
Faris, Arthur
English/Language Arts Teacher, Head Golf Coach, Head Freshman Football Coach
Faris, Jessica
English Teacher
Fletcher, Michael
Math Teacher
French, Stephen
Fuentes-Banashak, Rosa
Foreign Language / Spanish
Golden, Van
Foreign Language / Latin, IB, Yearbook Teacher
Golson, Ginger
Social Studies Teacher
Graziani, Timothy
Naval Science Instructor
Griffin, Charlotte
Teacher/English Department Chairperson
Hansen, Lisa
Special Education Transition Teacher/Archery Coach
Harmon, Weder
Math Teacher
Hicks, Elizabeth
Math Teacher
Hiscox, Christopher
Department Head - Science Teacher
Hoeb, Sarah
English / Senior Project Teacher
Holland, John
Math Teacher/School Improvement
Hosford, Emily
Science Teacher
Hunn, Stephanie
LEA, Department Chair
Hutchinson, Kevin
Social Studies Teacher
Inman, Melanie
Math Teacher
Irvin, Ashton
Math Teacher
Jensen, Sidney
English Teacher
Johnston, John
English / Mythology Teacher
Jones, Ben
English Teacher
Karns, Cindy
Academic Advisor / Math
Killian, Erin
Social Studies Teacher
Knighton, Jeff
Art Teacher
Kupfer, Courtney
Foreign Language / German
Lambert, John
Career Tech
Lowell, Matthew
Social Studies Teacher
Martin, Sara
Academy Specialist
Massengale, Rhonda
Library Media Specialist
Massengale, Timothy
Physical Education Teacher
Maye, Kelvin
Special Education Teacher
Messer, Jeremy
Assistant Band Director
Miller, Lindsay
Media Specialist
Miller, Robert
Driver's Education Teacher
Mons, Kimberly
Math Teacher
Moody, Ryan
Science Teacher
Moore, Kuwanna
Special Education / Math Teacher
OGwynn, Brian
Health / P.E Teacher
Parker, Jenny
Math Teacher
Parker, Kerri
Career Tech Teacher
Pouliot, Mitchell
U.S. Government, Economics, Broadcasting
Presnall, Patti
Honors United States History 11, AP Human Geography
Price, Karen
Career Tech Teacher
Riley, Vechatia
Drafting Design Technology
Roberts, Courtney
English/ Language Arts Teacher
Roberts, Tara
IB CAS Coordinator/Social Studies Teacher
Robinson, Linda
Career Technical Education (CTE)
Schemensky, Jessica
Science Teacher
Sessions, Angela
Science Teacher
Shantazio, Lydia
Honors English 12 Instructor/ Senior Project Instructor
Shipp, Charles
Physical Education Teacher / Girls Basketball Coach
Singleton, Amy
Essential Science Teacher
Smith, Tara
English teacher
Smolinski, Maura
Science Teacher
Spann, Melissa
Social Studies Teacher
Stefurak, Robin
Science Teacher
Stubblefield, Kelly
Math Teacher / Math Dept Chairperson
Sylvester, Patricia
Physical Education Teacher
Tucker, Aimee
Science Teacher
Westbrook, Emory
Social Studies / Health Teacher
White, Elizabeth
Choral Director
Wilhelm, Kathleen
English/LA Teacher
Wilkinson, Julie
Social Studies Teacher
Williams, John
Driver's Education Teacher
Willis, Ramsey
Math Teacher
Wright, Mary
CS Teacher
Young, Annette
Special Olympics / Assistant Transition Teacher
Zahra, Anne
Teacher, Spanish 1 & 2 (Honors)