Kimberly Mons

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Mathematics/Algebra 1


Here's a little bit about me and my family.

I have lived in Alabama and Mississippi all my life. My dad is a preacher and for half of my life he was a pastor. It was a great life and I appreciate my parents for instilling in me a love for people and a love for teaching.

I married my husband, Timothy, in December of 1994 and we live in Fairhope. We have two beautiful girls, Mashawn and Michelle. Mashawn married in March of 2019 and is loving married life. Michelle is going to school with me at Davidson High School.

I didn't have a degree when I married. I worked at several places before I decided to go back to school. I graduated in 2007 with a bacholars degree in mathematics and I taught my year at Foley Middle School in Foley, AL. But I wanted a masters degree and went back to school and graduated in December of 2010. I taught at Pensacola State for several years as an adjunt teacher (still do on Thursday nights), but I wanted a full time job. So I applied to teach in Escambia County Florida and I was hired in 2013-2014 at Escambia High School. I transfered to Tate High School the next year and taught for 2 more years in Florida. But I needed to come back to Alabama. I applied in Mobile County and was hired at Davidson by our beloved former principal Mr. Copeland. I am so honored to be a part of this family. And am looking forward to more wonderful years here.

1st & 2nd Block Algebra 1

Sept 18, 2019

Correct Quiz 5-5a, Go over HW 5-5b, CW 5-5b

Sun Sep 15 08:40 PM

September 5

Go over HW5-3b, CW 5-3 (Done in-class only), Section 5-4a (HW 5-4a)

Sat Aug 31 03:53 PM

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Sun Sep 15 08:46 PM

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Sun Sep 01 10:51 AM

4th Block Algebra 1

Sept 11, 2019

Go over CW 3-1, Go over HW 3-3a & b, Quiz 3-1, CW 3-3

Sun Sep 08 05:39 PM

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