About the School
W.P. Davidson High School

The birth of W.P. Davidson High School was in 1960 when a tenth-grade class was contained in the building of the Azalea Road Junior High School. Each year an additional grade was included, until the 1962-1963 school year when Davidson graduated its first class. That same year the modern building, which previously had been only a dream to Davidson students, became a reality. The much envied seniors were given the esteemed privilege of attending classes in the new structure during the last two weeks of school. The dedication of W.P. Davidson was during September. The first full year was the 1963-1964 session, in which case four grades, Freshman - Seniors, were taught.

W.P. Davidson High School is a four-year secondary education institution in the Mobile County Public School System. Davidson offers one of the most comprehensive programs available to Mobile students. Davidson was selected as a National Blue Ribbon School in the National Committee on Excellence in Education Secondary School Recognition Program in 1990-1991 and in 1994-1996! In 1992 W.P. Davidson High School was the recipient of Redbook magazine's Best Schools Program National Academic Achievement Winner. Davidson boasts a long tradition of academic excellence and extracurricular activities. Davidson serves an average population of 1400 students, with 85 teachers, counselors, librarians, and administrators. Davidson is accredited by the Southeastern Association of Colleges and Schools and the state of Alabama. Davidson's attractive air-conditioned school plant is located on a spacious 36-acre campus in west Mobile.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of MCPSS is to graduate prepared and productive citizens. Our mission at Davidson High School is to ensure that all students acquire both the knowledge and the skills necessary to become responsible, contributing, democratic American global citizens.

Core Beliefs and Commitments:
Core Beliefs

We believe our primary focus is to educate all students to become productive citizens; and we are committed to making this the priority over all other district functions.
We believe all employees are professionals who share in the responsibility for the success of our students; and we are committed to recruiting, employing, developing and retaining employees who are effective in leading our district in achieving our mission

We believe in safe, secure and productive environments for learning and working; and we are committed to providing quality and equitable settings that ensure students and employees reach their potential.
We believe the success of our schools is enhanced by the support and partnership of the community and stakeholders; and we are committed to informing and engaging our community through transparency, accountability and communication.
Alma Mater
Alma Mater

Doyle Grallop
Class of '64

As Warriors bold and brave,
Fond memories we save,
Remembering dear old Davidson
Long may her banner wave!

We lead the way in spirit,
As warriors we are proud.
Our strength, our might, our honor,
We make it known aloud.

No finer Alma Mater!
No finer story told!
Always marching forward, onward,
Warriors, black and gold.

Fight Song
Fight Song

When those Davidson Warriors fall in line,
We're going to win this game just give us time.
For the Davidson High School we will win and for the
whole darn state we'll fight with all our might.
We're going to scrap, scrap, scrap for every yard and
hit the opposition mighty hard, mighty hard!
We'll win this game for Black and Gold,
Black and Gold, Rah! Rah! Rah! Hay!

School Ring

The Davidson High School ring was designed by a committee representing the Class of 1963 in their Junior year. The contract was awarded to the Balfour Company. It is a gold ring with a black onyx stone.

The committee that designed the ring was composed of: Ted Mueller, Martha Rambo, Anita Hansen, Annette Rogers, Mrs. Sam Shout, Mrs. Ruth Merwin, Mrs. Alice Brimm, Mrs. Jane Pinnell, and Miss Pauline Lambright.

On the shank of the ring is the Davidson Warrior emerging in full splendor from an arrowhead design. On the other shank is the traditional lamp of learning and the open book. Under the book is the Latin inscription, "Lux et veritus," which means "Light and Truth." On the crown, around the stone, is written in Old Text letters, "Davidson, Mobile."

The arrowhead with raindrops in the four corners of the ring are Indian symbols for success and happiness. The impress of the pine needles and pine cone relates the Davidson ring to the Gulf Coast area.

Academic Programs

International Baccalaureate
IB Logo
In 2007, Davidson became a fully authorized IB school and offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.
Engineering Academy
Engineering Logo

In 2004, Davidson was approved to offer a pre-engineering academy in grades 9-12. "Engineering Pathways Integrated Curriculum - EPIC" has grown from an inaugural class of 20 students to almost 200 students from across Mobile.
The EPIC program opened the door to other initiatives:  Davidson joined the Alabama Engineering Academy network of schools statewide, and also participates in Mobile's Engaging Youth in Engineering (EYE) program sponsored by MAEF.

Senior Project
Senior Project
All Davidson graduates complete a regular or honors level Senior Project as part of their required English 12 curriculum.  Senior Project requires students to work with a community mentor in an area of interest, write a formal paper on their topic, and develop a project portfolio.  Their work culminates each semester in Board Night, where community members serve as judges to listen to each senior's presentation and evaluate their work.
Advanced Placement
AP Logo
Davidson offers a college preparatory curriculum which prepares students to enter our College Board Advance Placement curriculum in English, history, math, science, and computer science. Each AP course follows the College Board syllabus which gives students an opportunity to take a college-level course while still in high school.  The curriculum for each Advanced Placement course must be submitted by the instructor to College Board and then evaluated before the course is offered.  All of Davidson's Advanced Placement courses have been fully authorized by College Board.
Gifted Education
Gifted Logo
In the almost 25 years since Davidson established the first full time program for Gifted Students in Mobile, we have developed a fine humanities, social science and math curriculum for your students. These students take traditional course work following the College Board Advanced Placement syllabus, and annually participate in a two-day Model UN simulation that attracts student participants from the region. They also have the opportunity to propose an Independent Study Project during their senior year in which they are placed with a mentor from the community to investigate an area of career or academic interest.
Career Technical 
CTE Logo
Davidson offers a full range of Career Technical programs, including courses at the area Career Technical center and on-the-job training in cooperative work programs. Students in the marketing programs have sent many district winners to state competition, and have gone on to win national awards.

The complete Naval Science curriculum is four years in length but a cadet may take one semester or four years. Cadets taking the first two years of Naval Science (NS-1 through NS-4) will receive a Physical Education and a Health credit. The curriculum consists of formal classroom training supplemented by orientation trips to various activities. The Naval Science courses include seamanship, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, navigation, leadership and history. Activities include drill teams and color guards, rifle teams, academic teams, field trips and a military ball. The Navy provides all books, drill equipment and uniforms. If you decide to enter the Armed Forces on completion of two or more years of NJROTC, you will enter at a higher pay grade; however, NJROTC carries no obligation to join the armed services. Its purpose is to teach patriotism, responsibility and leadership.

NJROTC scholarships and Naval Academy nominations are also available to qualifying cadets.

Hopefully, the NJROTC experience will teach the cadets to take great pride in their country, their Navy and THEMSELVES.

Fine Arts
Fine Arts Logo

An average of 200 young musicians participate in our band and choral programs. Davidson is represented by three choral groups, as well as performing groups in Marching, Symphonic, Concert, Strings, and Jazz Bands. These groups consistently win Superior ratings in regional and state contests and place many members on All-State groups. In addition to vocal and instrumental music, our fine arts program offers art, dance, and theater. Each spring, the fine arts department collaborates to offer a spring musical which involves all students involved in our programs. 

Scholarships Logo
Our seniors are annually offered millions in scholarship money. Davidson seniors have been accepted and offered scholarships to such institutions as MIT, Emory, Vanderbilt, Catholic University, Georgia Tech, Rhodes College, The United States Naval, Army, and Air Force Academies, Barnard, Rice Institute, Boston University, Carnegie Mellon, Tulane, and Princeton as well as to all the state and local colleges and universities.