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Email for students
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Each student in Mobile County Schools will have his/her own email account. This account will be used to log in to any computer in the school as well as to send/receive email. Google docs, Yahoo Mail, Hot Mail and G-Mail will soon be blocked for students. Your homeroom teacher has been given a copy of your username and password. Retrieve this information and make sure that your account works as some will need to be corrected. Please let Mrs. C. Baxter, Mrs. Massengale, or Mrs. Mroz know if your account does not work, so that we can get it corrected. Your username is normally first initial of first name + last name + last four digits of your state student ID number. Your password is the last four digits of your social security number.


Your email address will be the username given Ex.

To log on an XP computer you will type in your username and your password and choose STUDENT for the server.      

               Example:             Username:          cbaxter1234

                                             Password:           4567

                                             Log on to:           Student

To log on a Windows 7 computer you will do the following.

                                             Switch user

                                             Other user

                                             (example) Type in username:        student\cbaxter1234

                                             Password:                          4567

To access your email account, go to Internet Explorer. In the URL address area, type in This will take you directly to your email account.

Remember that you MUST log off each time you use a computer because another student could come along behind you and use your log in for inappropriate uses. You would be the one to get in trouble. Always log off and do NOT give out your username and/or password!

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