Library Events
10/27/2014 to 10/30/2014
•  Senior Project Seminar Skinny Block Lab Side
Recurrence: Daily from 10/27/2014 to 10/30/2014
•  Shantazio 2 & 5 Lab Side
•  Shantazio 2 & 5 Library Side
•  Brewer 1, 2, 4 Lab Side
•  Shantazio 2 & 5 Library Side
•  Purvis 2 Block Lab Side
•  Senior Project 1,2,4,5 Blocks Lab Side
•  Senior Project 1,2,4,5 Blocks Library Side
•  L. Miller 1,2,5 Blocks Lab Side
•  Johsnon Skinny Block Lab Side
DHS PPDA Challenge
Our Red Ribbon Leader, Bri Hardman, is doing a community service project incorporating the Drug Education Council’s theme,...

MCPSS College and Career Fair Registration   
Every senior and honors level junior must pre-register to attend the MCPSS College and Career Fair.  Register at

Free software available for MCPSS students!   
Free software available for MCPSS students It's important for our students...

Class of 2015-- Remind 101   
Mrs. Franklin has created a Remind 101 account for seniors and their parents.  Please sign up to receive information about...

Word of the Day and Other Great Resources (Updated Daily)   
Word of the Day conceited Definition: Holding or characterized by an unduly high opinion of oneself. Synonyms: swollen-headed,...

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